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Tenant Screening: Tips to Help You Protect Your Property Investment

Being a landlord of one or multiple rental properties can be a hugely successful and fulfilling enterprise, but if you haven't taken the right steps to protect yourself and your investments; it could be downright disastrous. Below, we offer helpful tips for new and experienced landlords, to help minimize the effects of bad tenant behavior by showing you how to find good ones.

Choose Your Source for Tenants Appropriately

There are a host of ways that landlords find tenants to fill their properties-through advertisements, contacts, and referrals. The most valuable means that every landlord looking for a responsible tenant should begin with is inquiring of his/her friends, colleagues, and family to see if they know of anyone interested in their accommodations. Second to this, request referrals from realtors, past/present tenants, and other capacities who may have quality tenants to refer. If none of these are productive, you must advertise-online or in print. In all of these situations; however, it is advised to screen these prospective tenants to doublecheck their reliability and safeguard your interests.

Tips for Tenant Screening

Do not forget to set your screening system earlier using criteria that are acceptable by the law. Do not use any standard that is prohibited by the law obtainable in your state. If you do a proper work, you will have your dream tenant.