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Tenant Screening Volume Discounts

Volume discounts for tenant screening are available to landlords and property managers who regularly screen at least 20 potential tenants per month. Prices vary by volume and can come down to 40% off our regular prices.

If you are interested in our volume discounts please fill out the following form and we will be in contact.


Expert Assistance Reports

In addition to the lower cost, we offer additional services to property managers and landlords which include our expert assistance reports. These reports are compiled by our experienced staff who have years of online investigative experience. You can also elect to have us send a "runner" to the county court house(s) of your choosing for any expert assisted report and check for any updates to the online reports. Prices vary by report and county.

If you are interested in expert assisted reports please begin a basic All-In-One search in your account and then email us the details of which person you would like assistance as well as which counties you would like us to search in. You can send this information to support@tenantdetective.com.